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A New Year Of Trying New Things!

Happy birthday to me! I am so excited to celebrate all year long and share it with all of you! This year I thought about what I would like to do for my birthday and had trouble deciding. So instead of choosing just one thing I decided what might be more fun would be to choose a whole heap of things and plan to to them over the course of then next year. I sometimes find it's easy to get in a bit of a rut. You know, choosing the same food at the same restaurant, wearing the same sort of clothes ever day etc etc. It makes sense I suppose that when we find something we like we stick with it but I decided the best way to find new things I like is to try new things. Soooo.... This year I've compiled a list of 100 new things I would like to try and thought it would be fun to share them all with you along the way as blog and video posts. So if you are keen to see what new adventures I'm going to have this year subscribe to my Youtube channel and follow my blog here. Have any of you tried any of the things on my list? What new things would you like to try this year?

100 New Adventures! 1. Cheese Making 2. Nude Modeling 3. Eat Bugs 4. Whiskey Tasting 5. Wine Tasting in Napa Valley 6. Try a Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich 7. Ride a Segway 8. Ride in a Helicopter 9. Take a Family Portrait 10. Aerial Yoga 11. Climb to Flinders Peak in the You Yangs 12. Moomba Birdman Callenge 13. Perform Stand Up 14. Volunteer at An Animal Shelter

15. Silent Meditation Retreat 16. Tech Detox 17. Geo Caching 18. Attend a Masquerade Ball 19. Shoot A Gun 20. Ride A Horse 21. Go to an AFL Game 22. Try Sensory Deprivation 23. Test DNA

24. Learn to Temper Chocolate 25. Try Archery 26. Take a Self Defense Class 27. Make Baked Alaska 28. Try Reikei 29. Learn To Do A Cartwheel 30. Become An Australian Citizen 31. Hold A Snake 32. Visit The Redwood Forests 33. Learn to Make Floating Islands 34. Prepare A Will 35. Go To An Ice Bar 36. Have A Hot Stone Massage 37. Try Acupuncture 38. Ride A Mechanical Bull 39. Watch A Sunrise and Sunset In The Same Day 40. Become An Ordained Minister 41. Learn CPR 42. Start A Fire Without a Fire Starter 43. Try A Pickle Pop 44. Go Mirrorless for 3 days 45. Learn to Make Pickles 46. Make a Balloon Animal 47. Read Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises 48. Do a Colour Run 49. Spend a Day As A Tourist In My Own Town 50. Go Without Makeup 51. Learn To Change The Oil In My Car 52. Meet A Koala 53. Send Out Holiday Cards 54. Get a Mole Map 55. Get a Mammogram 56. Use A Fire Extinguisher 57. Attend The Roller Derby 58. Visit A Nude Beach 59. Collect Honey From A Bee Hive 60. Milk A Cow 61. Get My Palm Read 62. Try A Laser Treatment 63. Buy Nothing For A Month 64. Go Up The Space Needle 65. Visit A New Country 66. Try Ethiopian Food

67. Buy A House 68. Take Nude Portraits 69. Try Peruvian Food 70. Try A Cuddle Party 71. Do A Headstand 72. Visit Alcatraz 73. Give Up Coffee For A Month 74. Watch 10 "Classic Films" 75. Publish An E Book 76. Blow Glass 77. Take an IQ Test 78. Marry 2 people as an Officiant 79. Make A Vision Board 80. Design A Dress 81. Get Hypnotised 82. Buy Stock 83. Learn To Dive 84. Try Zorbing 85. Kayak 86. Try Paintball

87. Host A Themed Costume Party 88. Polar Bear Swim 89. Ride A Jet Ski 90. Visit somewhere "Haunted" 91. Dine In The Dark 92. Zipline 93. Create an Online Course 94. Try Somali Food

95. Volunteer At The Red Cross 96. Read A Tale Of Two Cities 97. Camp At The Beach 98. Try LARPing 99. Visit A Renaissance Fair 100. Try Fencing

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